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Software Site Licenses

The FACS Facility administers the Stanford site license for FlowJo analysis software. To participate in this program you must be affiliated with Stanford University and be able to provide a valid Stanford PTA (Project-Task-Award) number for the account to which this license is to be billed.


Yearly pricing is based on Stanford's annual site license discount. (Click here to look at our Rates and Fees) To use FlowJo, your computer must be connected to the internet for registration verification—it does not have to be located at Stanford. 

To obtain a Serial Number for your computer, collect the following information:

Applicant Name and email, Valid PTA number for billing (format ######-###-xxxxx); PI or PI financial administrator for the PTA, Computer Hardware address

Click this link to submit this information to the Site License Administrator.

Turnaround time on getting a site license serial number is usually one day. If, for any reason, you cannot wait for the serial number, you can go to and obtain a one-time 30 day serial number to tide you over the wait.


How to get the correct Computer Hardware Address:

A computer may have multiple hardware addresses.  FlowJo uses the Ethernet MAC address.  The easiest way to collect the correct address is to download the latest version of FlowJo from   An unlicensed FlowJo will prompt a dialog box to open that shows the needed Hardware Address near the lower left.


Yearly pricing is based on Stanford's annual site license discount. SeqGeq licenses run concurrent with the Fiscal Year - so regardless of date of purchase, licenses expire at the end of August each year.  Licenses purchased are pro-rated from date of purchase to the end of the if you signup halfway through the year, the charge is for the remaining half of the year.  Purchase requests should be submitted directly to Please supply the user name, SUNET and PTA to be used for the license purchase and an invitation to the site license will be sent.

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