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Available Sorters

  Aida Aria Carmen DonCarlo Falstaff PICI Mikado VERDI
Staff Assisted X X X X X X X X
Self Operated X X   X X X X X
Clinical Samples X   X X X X X  

Available Analyzers


Aurora LSRII LSRII.2 LSRII.UV Quanteon Symphony
Staff Assisted X X X X X X
Self Operated X X X X   X

**Please note Cyrano is not started daily, so please email SSFF to make an appointment.


  1. Clinical sample sorts and COVID+ sample sorts:  See current guidelines for clinical samples

  2. Before your next appointment in the FACS Facility please ensure your Project Information is up to date.


Forms needed for different appointments

Forms Staff Assisted Sorts Self Operated SORTS Staff Assisted ANALYSIS SELF Operated Analysis
Sort Biosafety Form X X    
Sample Drop Off Form X   X  



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