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Recharge Rates FY 2019-2020

Stanford Users

Operator Support

Operator Support Cost
For all instruments $60/hour


Consultation Cost
Data Analysis, experiment design $75/hour
Off-site Consultations  See Director


Analyzer Cost
FACScan (Scanford) $40/hour
Cytek (Aurora) $40/hour
BD LSRII (LSR II, LSR II.2, LSR II.UV, Abbott) $58/hour
CyTOF (Cyrano) (mass cytometer) $140/hour


Sorter Cost
BD FACS Aria (Aria, Falstaff, Verdi, Costello, Aida, and PICI) $70/hour
BD InFlux (Carmen) (operator supported only) $75/hour
FACSJazz (Satchmo) $50/hour
 SONY SH800Z (Mikado) $60/hour


Training Cost
Introductory Training session (approx. 2h) $80/session
Subsequent sessions cost of instrument
+ cost of operator

Data Management

Data Management Cost
Facility user Free
non-Facility sites request quote
FlowJo Site License Fee $230/year

Non-Stanford Users (both for-profit and non-profit)

Non-Stanford academic sites paying from grants, and all other non-profit and for-profit entities will be charged 57.5% plus a 6% overhead fee. 

Note: We do not sign non-disclosure agreements for the use of our Facility. Data management services are available only to Facility users and by contract to other Stanford groups.


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