Other Useful Resource

There are many resources on the Web for flow and imaging cytometry. A few very useful ones are listed below. Please email us if you find any of the links not working.

  • International Society for Advancement of Cytometry The main professional organization supporting flow cytometry. Links to training, employment, and conferences.

  • Current Protocols in Cytometry Online access to through Lane Library. You must be connecting from a Stanford IP address or using a VPN connection to Stanford.

  • BD Spectrum Viewer  A useful Java applet put together by Joe Trotter of BD Biosciences. You can view the excitation and emission spectra of many common fluorescent dyes for help in panel design.



  • Biolegend There are a number of good web-based and mobile resources on various aspect of flow cytometry.


  • The Daily Dongle Blog by FlowJo developers and trainers. Has many useful hints, tips, and cool stuff to look at.



last update: 02/09/16