Recharge Rates, FY 2017-2018

Stanford Users

Scanford (Facscan)
$40/hour   Aria, Falstaff, Verdi, Costello,
$58/hour   Aida and PICI (BD Aria II)

CyTOF (mass cytometer analyzer) $140/hour   Vantoo (DiVa Vantage) $55/hour
      InFlux (Carmen) (operator support only) $75/hour
      FACSJazz (Satchmo) $50/hour
SONY SH800Z (Mikado) $60/hour
Operator Support:     Consultation:  
For all instruments $60/hour   Data Analysis, experiment design $75/hour
      Off-site Consultations  See Director
Training:     Data Management:  
First Two Hours (all instruments): $60/hour   Facility user Free
Subsequent sessions on Arias, LSRs, Scanford: cost of instrument
+ cost of operator
non-Facilility sites $1000 startup + $1/gigabyte/year
Satchmo (for current Aria self-ops) No  charges  FlowJo Site License Fee $210/year
Satchmo (for everyone else) cost of instrument
+ cost of operator

For group training, each person is charged for operator cost. Instrument cost will be split among group.

STAP funds can be used by Stanford staff to pay for training. However, the Facility cannot bill for this directly. Your department has to submit the required paperwork for reimbursement.

Non-Stanford Users (both for-profit and non-profit)


All non-Stanford users have a 6% overhead added to the Stanford rates above.  Domestic accredited academic sites using Institutional funds will be charged an additional 8%.  Academic sites paying from grants, and all other non-profit and for-profit entities will be charged and additional 57%.

Note: We do not sign non-disclosure agreements for the use of our Facility. Data management services are available only to Facility users and by contract to other Stanford groups.

last update: 10/20/17