Using the Page Mill Satellite

SSFF is now providing cytometry support for reseachers at the Stanford School of Medicine Innovation and Technology Center at Porter Drive.  This satellite campus is just off Page Mill Road and is housed in the basement of 1651 Page Mill Road within the Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC) laboratories. Lab access is via Room 0355 - please note that this building and HIMC both require keycard access.

Two cytometers are available for researcher use: 

Abbott, an 18-color 3-laser LSRII analyzer with HTS

Costello, an 18-color 5-laser FACSAria Fusion sorter 

Operator support is available at this location - please welcome Mary Rieck, who will be overseeing the instruments at that location.

Instruments are currently available Mon-Fri 10AM - 5PM.  Extended hours will become available as facilities are updated to accommodate after hours access.

Researchers certified as self-operators at the main campus FACS facility can also request access as self-operators at the Page Mill facility (a brief orientation to the new facility should be scheduled via the request form). 

Training for sorter and analyzer will be completed at the Main Campus facility in the Beckman Center. 

All training and operator requests can be placed using the request form - please indicate Page Mill as your primary location and indicate in the text box if you are already a trained SSFF self-operator and only requesting new facility orientation/access.