Steps To Become a SSFF User

To use the FACS Facility, you will need to do the following:

1. Obtain a SUNetID: The Sunet ID is required for the Facility data management system. For members of the Stanford community, this can be done online. For non-Stanford users, you will need to obtain a sponsored ID. To do this, email the registration form below to SFF Administrator.

2. Registration: Fill out the Registration form. Have it signed by the financially reponsable person in your lab (the PI) or company. If you are at Stanford, bring it by the Facility or FAX completed form to: 650-724-1019 or email to Tom Nozaki: nozaki If you are from a company FAX completed form AND PURCHASE ORDER to: 650-724-1019 or email to Tom Nozaki: nozaki

3. On-Line Tutorials & book: The following on-line tutorials prepared by Invitrogen and BD are useful introductions to flow cytometry.

Invitogen Tutorials # 1, 4, 5: These provide a quick introduction to flow cytometry, fluorescence, and data analysis

BD Tutorials: A more detailed introductory flow cytometry course and excellent training for using the DiVa software

A more complete on-line book (with some oversimplifications) is available at

Flow Cytometry Introduction (from Bio-Rad, PDF 1.3mB)

4. New User Orientation: New User Orientation is performed individually or in groups, depending upon demand. Participants must have completed New User Registration and have a Facility user account. There is no charge for attending New User Orientation. To signup for New User Orientation, use our request form.

The Orientation provides a general introduction to the instrumentation in the Facility, as well as a description of the workflow, from Scheduling to Data Analysis. An review of the few but important policies of the Facility will be presented. There will also be time to answer your questions  Do not bring samples to Orientation! Samples will not be needed until you schedule an instrument training session (the trainer will tell you when samples are needed) or run time with one of the operators.

5. Decide Instrument to Use, Type of Training, and Experiment Design: If you have a lot of flow cytometry experience, or you can leverage the experience of someone in your lab, then you might be able to make these decisions yourself. If so, use our contact form to request Training. But even for a person with experience in another site, it might make sense to have your considerations reviewed by one of the Facility staff. You could start by emailing the Director or the Operations Manager, telling them what you want to accomplish. They will be able to advise you via email, or suggest a brief meeting.

6. Operator Support or Self-Operator Training? We offer a thorough training to use our analyzers and Aria-class sorters. However, if you are going to be sorting or analyzing infrequently, it would be best to request Operator Support from Facility staff, as the complexities of the training require on-going practice to really "stick". Use our request form to submit a request once you've completed Registration and Orientation. Operator support for the Vantoo sorter can be accomplished by using our Scheduler.


last update: 05/26/16