How To Use the Scheduler

The Core maintains a web-based scheduling system (provided by Calendars for the Web). To use it you must be registered with the Facility. Go to the New Users page for more information. Its use is described in detail below.

When you click on an instrument in the menu on the left of this web page, you will be taken to Stanford's Authorization Page. If completed successfully you will come back to our site and see the Scheduler in Planner Mode for the current week. The grid is split into two sections of approxiately 6 hours for readability. Yellow bars are times that are already reserved. Grey areas are times that are open. White areas are times available but no operator is available (if you are not a self-operator).  You can reserve time up to one month in advance by clicking on a gray area to bring up the event editior.

To view previous or subsequent weeks, click on the black arrows in the upper left of the Scheduler.  Clicking on the black dot between those arrows will return to the current week. Drop down menus next to the arrows will allow you to select a particular day. Clicking on a reserved time will allow you to view the reservation, if you want to contact that user. You can also see a list of reseervations by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the left side of the Scheduler. The printer icon on the upper right will display in a new window a printer-friendly copy of the current Scheduler view.

A more complete guide can be downloaded here.


Facility Cancellation Policies

Signup times for the analyzers are charged if not cancelled 24 hours BEFORE the run.

Signup times for the sorter are charged if not cancelled 48 hours BEFORE the run.

A signup can be moved to an EARLIER time the same day at no additional charge.

A signup moved to a LATER time the same day will be charged for both signup times.


For excptional circumstances, please contact the Director.

If you have any questions about the Scheduler, please email SSFF staff.



updated on: 02/09/16