Facility User Guides

The following documents are provided by the instrument manufacturers or written by Facility staff.


DiVa Software (for Arias and LSR IIs)

BD FACSDiva Software User's Guide V5 for Flasher, Vantoo  (pdf download - 4 meg)

BD FACSDiva Software User's Guide V6 for Aria, LSR IIs  (pdf download - 4 meg)

BD FACSDiva Software V6.1 New Features for Aria  (pdf download - 215 kb) 


All Aria Sorters

BD FACSAria User's Guide  (pdf download - 4.0 meg) 

Stanford FACS Aria User Guide  (pdf download - 1.9 meg)


LSR II, LSR II.2, LSR II.UV Analyzers, HTS Plate Reader

BD LSR II User's Guide  (pdf download - 3.6 meg) 

BD HTS Quick Reference  (pdf download - 1.9 meg) 

Stanford HTS User Guide  (pdf download - 554 kb)

Stanford LSR II User Guide (pdf download - 477kB)


Scanford (FACScan) - Cytek DXP10 Upgrade

Stanford Scan User Guide (pdf download - 400 kb) 


CyTOF2 (Cyrano)

Daily Startup (pdf download - 7 mb)

Sample Acquisition - Loop (pdf download - 1.5 mb)

Sample Acquisition - Sampler (pdf downlosd - 1.0 mb )

Shutdown (pdf download - 1.3 mb)

Clearing Clogs (pdf download - 1.0 mb)


FACSJazz (Satchmo)

Satchmo User Guide (pdf download - 1.8 mb)


Sony SH800 (Mikado)

User Guide (pdf download - 1.4 mb)



Cheat Sheet & Startup  (pdf download - 3.9 mb)


last update: 07/31/17