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The FACS Facility administers the Stanford site license for FlowJo analysis software. This results in a 65% discount compared to individual purchase. To participate in this program you must be affiliated with Stanford University and be able to provide a valid Stanford PTA (Project-Task-Award) number for the account to which this license is to be billed. The cost per computer for 12 months is $210 for all participants (no discounts!). Yearly renewal will be at whatever price for the license is current. To use FlowJo, your computer must be connected to the internet for registration verification. Any connection (even dial-up) will work – it does not have to be located at Stanford.

To obtain a Serial Number for your computer, download and complete this form and email it to the Site License Administrator.

Turnaround time on getting a site license serial number is usually one day. If, for any reason, you cannot wait for the serial number, you can go to and obtain a one-time 30 day serial number to tide you over the wait.


The FACS Facility also maintains the Stanford Site License for Cytobank. You can create an account on the Stanford Server here. You must use a Stanford email account to do this. This account will be activated once you return this form to the Site License AdministratorThe cost for a Cytobank account is $1000 per year. The cost for renewal will depend upon whatever price is current at that time.


Once you have an account on Cytobank, you can use the "Cytobank" button in your data archive to move experiments into the Cytobank system.

The Cytobank Support Site contains very detailed information and tutorials on how to use the software.





last update: 10/01/15