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Facility Usage Policies

Facility Hours

Normal business hours are:

Mon 8AM – 5PM

Tues-Fri 8AM– 7PM

Orientation and Registration

All users must complete Registration, and attend a 1 hour facility orientation prior to requesting operator support or training.  This orientation is held most Thursday from 2-3 in Beckman Building, Room B181.  Reservation is not required, and there is no charge.  The orientation is to provide guidance on accessing and utilizing facility resources, including instrumentation, operator assistance, and training.  Upcoming Orientation Schedule


All users, on registration, agree to provide detailed information on all biological samples brought to the facility.  Users are required to update project information with ALL changes.  BSL-2 training and precautions are required.  See our Biosafety page for more information.

Recharge Rates and Cancellation Polices

Rates for all services are listed here

Analyzers (including CyTOF):  Cancellations within 24h of scheduled time are charged full amount

Sorters:  Cancellations within 48h of scheduled time are charged full amount

Charges included operator time if staff-assist was also reserved

Due to extended set-up time, CyTOF reservations require 24h advance notice

For extenuating circumstances leading to cancellation, please contact Director

After Hours Access

Qualified users can request access to instruments after normal hours, on weekends, and on holidays.  Card reader access to both Beckman Center, and to Facility Room B015 and/or B019 is required.  To apply, contact the Director.

Facility offices and analysis computers are not available after hours.  CyTOF users requiring access should contact staff to make arrangements.

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