Instrument Cleanup to Prevent Cross Contamination

Because the Facility is multi-use, the possibility of a user's samples contaminating subsequent sorting runs always exists. This is minimized by requiring all users to run bleach for 5 min, followed by a 70% ethanol wash, followed by water for 5 min. On sorters with changeable sample filters, the sample filters are removed and placed in the nearby beaker to soak and be recycled.

Two situations require further procedures.  Users sorting yeast or bacteria need to do a more thorough clean-up. Bleach is run for 10 min, followed by EtoH soak of the sample line for 15 min., then a 5 min flush with water. During this time the work area around the sorter should be wiped down with Cavicide. A full half-hour of machine-time needs to be reserved for this.

The other situation is sorting of cells from infected mice from the Animal Care Facility (ACF). In order to prevent the spread of infection and the possibility of compromising more mice and experiments, we discourage the sorting of cells from quarantined mice. However, if it is necessary to do so, the following procedure should be followed:
        1) The sort must be cleared with the Director or Operations Manager.
        2) The sort must be scheduled during regular business hours.
        3) A disposable lab coat must be worn, and gloves fitting over the cuff. This is to be red bag disposed of after the sort. We want to prevent possible contamination from leaving the sorting room.
        4) Time needs to be reserved and the instrument cleaned as in the above paragraph.

Cleanup for the Analyzers is straight-forward. Run one minute of bleach and one minute of water. All waste goes into a carboy that contains bleach, so the possibility of cross contamination or contaminating the ACF is minimal.

Please contact the Director or Operations Manager if you have questions.


updated on: 08/31/09