Biosafety Guidelines for SSFF

All instrument rooms in the SSFF must minimally follow BSL-1 guidelines. These apply to all of B016 and B015A. No food is allowed in these rooms, and good laboratory practices must be followed.

The room with the two LSR-IIs (B016A), and the rooms with the Arias and anlyzers (B016B, B016C), are BSL-2 areas. This means that personal protection equipment (gloves and gowns – available in B016 hall, no open-toed shoes), use red containers for waste, and wipe down the work area after finishing with use. This applies to all users whether or not the samples are BSL-2, as the rooms can have multiple users at once. In addition, the proper cleaning of the analyzer – one minute of bleach on high sample rate followed by a water rinse – is also part of the procedures for those rooms.

Sorting BSL-2 samples on the Arias and Vantoo sorters is  permitted. In addition to the basic BSL-2 procedures described above, the aerosol management system for the sorter must be turned on, and the door to the sorter room closed while the sort is in progress. In addition to the bleach wash/water rinse after sorting, an alcohol sterilization of the sample line should be performed. An extra 15 minutes of time should be scheduled for the clean-up.

Users desiring to run BSL-2 samples in the SSFF must fill out the requested information on the New User Form. All human samples are considered BSL-2.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in access being revoked.


updated on: 08/04/10