Aida Use Policy


Because  Aida was bought by the Department of Medicine, it is going to be managed differently than our other two Arias.


1) Limited signups: Only users in DoM labs will be able to sign up between Noon and 6 PM during the week. From 6-10 PM, the instrument will have priority for patient sorting. Non-patient users can be IMMEDIATELY bumped during this time, so please be careful about signing up during this time.  After 10 PM and in the mornings until Noon, any qualified user can sign up. Users with patient sorts should sign up in the 6-10 PM time slot as soon as possible in order to insure their sort time. Patient sorting that has been scheduled has priority over unscheduled ones. The cancellation policy will not apply to patient sorts unless signups are abused.


2) There will be two scheduling calendars, one called Aida, and one called Aida Med to facilitate the above.


3) To help guarantee cleanliness for patient sorts, no yeast or bacterial sorts will be allowed on Aida.


4) Because the cost of running this instrument is less, the recharge rate will be less.


5) If you need operator support for Aida, please email facs-issues.


If you are in a Department of Medicine laboratory, before you will be given operator status for Aida you will need to fill out and return this Access form.


update 07/01/10