Acknowledging the Facility


It has become increasingly important for our grant funding (such as it is) for work done in our Facility to be acknowledged in any publications that use flow cytometry data or sorted cells generated in our Facilty. A simple sentence, similar to the one below:

Cell sorting/flow cytometry analysis for this project was done on instruments in the Stanford Shared FACS Facility.

Of course, anything more detailed, or acknowledgement of particular staff, is always welcome!

Moreover, several of our instruments were obtained via NIH Shared Instrument Grants. If you use one of these instruments, something similar to the following should be in your paper:

Data (or sorting) was collected (performed ) on an instrument in the Shared FACS Facility obtained using NIH S10 Shared Iinsturment Grant (_____).

The instruments which require this acknowledgement and grant #'s are:

Falstaff:  S10RR025518-01

LSRII.UV:  S10RR027431-01

Cyrano  (FACS Facility CyTOF):  S10OD016318-01


If you send us the reference to the published paper, the first author will be entered in a yearly drawing, sponsored by the Senior Associate Dean Of Research of the School of Medicine, for an Amazon Gift Card.


2014 publications that cite the FACS Facility.


Thank you for your co-operation and help.


last update 01/26/2016