About Data Management

The Facility maintains a secure and highly redundant computer system for managing  expermental data and making it accessible over the Internet.

When you run an experiment on one of the instruments using DiVa software, the experiment needs to be exported out of DiVa into the C:Export folder.  Running the FACS Check-in from the Desktop moves the experiment over to data management system, where it is stored and securely backed up. Within 30 days, the original experiment will be deleted from the flow cytometer computer.

Instructions for Data Check-in

On Scanford and Mikado, store each data set in a separate folder in C:FACS DATA. The Check-In script, which is be accessed from the Desktop, works the same as the Windows one for DiVa data.  Click on the FACS Check-in shortcut, select your experiment from the list.  This will bring up a window showing the list of files that will be checked in.  At the bottom of this window, additional SUNetIDs can be added so colleagues can recieve an email link to the stored data.

Once the data is checked in, the system will send an email with FlowJo workspaces attached that will directly access the data over the internet. The email also contains two web links at the end - one to directly download all the data files and one to view the experiment in a browser, so selected files can be downloaded.

You can also store PDF files along with your data. This is most useful when you are doing sorting and want to save the sort gating for documentation. If you are working on the DiVa system, save the worksheet as a PDF in "My Documents" folder. If you are working on Scanford or Mikado, save the layout as a PDF into the folder which you are storing your data.

The Archive of all your stored experiments can be viewed by clicking here or on the Data Archive link at left.

When you leave Stanford, your data still remains on our server. You can request a password by using our Contact Form if you no longer have your SUNetID.


last update: 08/18/17